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DAP asked my MA/MBA program to apply design thinking and human-centered design to the home projects and repair market to uncover hidden insights and ideate on potential solutions. A large part of this project centered on conducting interviews with homeowners - who currently use products like Super Glue, Gorrilla glue, etc. - to understand their current experience with these products and to fully understand their needs in relation to these projects.

To distill our findings and visualize the current and ideal homeowner experiences, I created customer journeys. The journeys allowed us to tie critical emotional insights to the physical experience and to pinpoint where we thought DAP could make the most impact and drastically correct a negative touchpoint.

Our final presentation and recommendation focused on the insight that:

For homerepairers and fixers, even when they repair an item it has been irreparably damaged and is never the same.


We challenged DAP to create a product line that embraces that mindset shift and to promote the ability for repairer objects to be viewed as "transformed" rather than broken through a marketin campaign and website. This recommendation was in part inspired by Kintsugi - the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer. 


Susan Juvet

Yeri Kim

Katherine Rose

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